Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions for children, teens and adults in Detroit.

Whether you already know you have a tooth that needs to be pulled or need to schedule a dental exam in Detroit, Detroit Dental Specialists is the best place to find a Detroit dentist to complete your tooth extraction procedure.

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Tooth Extractions in Detroit

As our smiles develop tooth extraction is a common procedure that will often be required. Many of us have heard of the tried and true home remedy of tying one end of a string to a tooth and the other to a door knob. Post-op, the extracted tooth is then traditionally be placed underneath a pillow, in order to garner a fair commission from the tooth fairy. Fortunately, with Detroit Dental Specialists state of the art technology and highly trained dentists, a tooth extraction doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. At Detroit Dental Specialists, we ensure that your procedure will be comfortable and convenient, so that you can smile brighter.

What are the reasons for a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions can be necessary for a variety of reasons. As a child’s teeth come in, old teeth may need removal in order to make way for new teeth. Tooth extraction is also recommended in some cases when a tooth is causing pain and discomfort. People who need braces often need tooth extraction to remove one or more teeth to make room for teeth that are being relocated. Detroit Dental Specialists dental office is kid friendly, so you can be comfortable knowing that your child will receive the best dentist office visit in Detroit.

What is the procedure for tooth extraction?

Our dental office will schedule an initial x ray exam to determine the shape of your jaw bone and identify any other issues, such as cavities, that ay need to be treated at the same time. If you are getting your wisdom teeth removed, our dental office will take panoramic x rays to allow us to better see the sensitive nerves within the jaw.

A simple extraction involves the use of local anesthetic injected around the site of the tooth removal. The dentist will use a device called an elevator to loosen the tooth and forceps to remove the tooth. With Detroit Dental Specialists, this procedure is quick and painless.

A surgical extraction is performed by either a general dentist or oral surgeon and is necessary in cases where the tooth being extracted has not yet come in or when the tooth has broken off at the gum line. Though it is a more complex procedure, a surgical tooth extraction does not have to be uncomfortable or expensive. Our Detroit dentists offer the best rates for both simple and complex tooth extractions.

Do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed?

Though wisdom teeth sometimes do not require removal, they can often cause dental problems to the mouth and jaw. Wisdom teeth can disrupt the alignment of teeth, leading to the need for braces to straighten misaligned teeth. For many people, wisdom teeth can also cause severe pain and discomfort. Detroit Dental Specialists specializes in removing wisdom teeth in Detroit. Our state of the art technology and highly trained Detroit dentists will ensure your wisdom teeth are removed with a minimum of pain and you’re able to recover as quickly as possible.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Surprisingly to many, teeth do not finish coming in during childhood. Although most of a person’s teeth will have come in by the time you reach your early teens, wisdom teeth are late bloomers, so to speak. Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that usually arrive in the late teens or early twenties, after the rest of the adult teeth have already set.

If you have a child who needs a tooth pulled in Detroit or are in need of a tooth extraction yourself, call us today to schedule your free exam!